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Saleable Technology Identified
1. Improved germplasms for diversified poultry farming :
  • Quail: CARI Uttam,CARI-Pearl, CARI-Ujjawal, CARI-Sweta, CARI Brown and CARI-Sunheri(varieties)
  • Turkey: CARI Virat (variety)
  • Duck : Khaki, Moti(native) Khaki Campbell, White Pekin(exotic) breeds
  • Guinea fowl: Kadambari, Chitambari and Swetambari (varieties)
  • Desi (indigenous) fowl: CARI Nirbheek, CARI Shyama, CARI Upkari and CARI Hitkari (all low input varieties for small scale poultry rearing)
  • Chicken layer : CARI Priya(white egger), CARI Sonali(brown egger)
  • Chicken broiler: CARIBRO Vishal, CARIBRO Dhanraja, CARIBRO Mrityunjay, CARIBRO Tropicana
  • Dual purpose chicken : CARI Debendra
Window based software MAKEFEED POULTRY for formulating least cost poultry rations (over 250 copies sold)
3. Technique for augmentation of nutrient bio-availability in non-conventional feedstuffs.
4. Technology for production of designer eggs.
5. Technology for summer stress management in poultry
Management of mycotoxins in poultry feed.
7. Technique of in ovo injection of nutrients for better post-hatch growth and immunity in broiler chicken.
Technology for preparation of copper-cadmium alloys filling for determination of nitrite and nitrates in biological sample.
9. Fertility prediction test for male Japanese quail.
10. A simple semen diluent for White Leghorn and Japanese quail.
11. Technique for alleviation of internal laying to improve fertility in broiler breeders.
12. PCR-based molecular technique for quick and sensitive detection of bacterial pathogens, such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and pathogenic E. coli in poultry products.
13. Process for tenderization of meat from spent hens/culled stocks
14. Manufacturing technology for value-added poultry meat products: Cured and smoked chicken, Chicken sausages/ patties/ nuggets , Chicken chankalona, Spent hen meat block, Intermediate moisture chicken meat, Chicken cutlets, Mixed meat pellets, Chicken gizzard snacks/pickles, Cooked chicken stock, Mixed chicken loaf, Cooked chicken roll, etc
15. Manufacturing technology for value-added egg products: Pickled eggs, Albumen rings, Salted egg, Egg strips, Egg waffles, Egg pancake, Egg roll, Egg crepe,etc.
16. Manufacturing technology for poultry slaughter by-products based pet food.



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