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Guidelines and Template for How to Write a Success Story.

Success story: (1)


Mrs Sabitri Dehury (64 years) is a member of Bhatunia Nalasahi SHG of Bhatunia village, Keonjhar district, Odisha. Her house is located closed to a perennial water stream. Looking to her interest for duck rearing she was one adopted farmer of RC CARI, Bhubaneswar. She constructed a small duck house with bamboo and mud and thatched with tiles. She was then supplied with 30 numbers of day old ducklings (Native cross variety), 10 kg feed, one feeder and one drinker as initial inputs. She brooded the day old ducklings for 15 days. Ducklings were allowed to graze freely and by one month of age she guided the birds to the nearby water stream and fed them boiled rice mixed with rice polish, bran and leftover kitchen wastes etc. As a result, the ducks attained faster body growth and by 144th day of age the first egg was laid in her house. After 5th months of age, she sold all the drakes in the village. Daily 10-11 eggs were obtained which were sold between Rs 5 to Rs 6/- each in the village. Within a year, Mrs Sabitri could able to generate Rs 14,000/- (approx) from sale of live birds and eggs besides sufficient consumption in family. With the amount earned, she purchased clothes and other commodities for house and procured next batch of ducklings. Mrs Sabitri Dehury put an example before other old persons in village that they can be self supported to a great extent.

Success story: (2)


Sri Ramesh Chandra Naik (47 yrs) of village Jodichatar, Patana Block of Keonjhar District is an adopted farmer of RC CARI, Bhubaneswar. He has only two acre of agricultural land which is used for paddy cultivation and the annual family income was hardly 20,000/- rupees from all sources. His house is located close to the village pond which is perennial. Sri Naik was imparted brief training along with other adopted farmers regarding duck farming in village ponds. He was also guided to construct a small duck house by the side of his house with bamboo and mud thatched with straw that were available to him from his own source. At the beginning he was supplied with 30 nos of day old ducklings (Khaki Campbell variety), 10 kg of duck mash (feed), one feeder and one drinker as initial inputs. His family members taken much care of the small birds w.r.t. brooding, feeding, watering, and keeping the duck house dry and clean all the time. The project personals visited his house and guided them regularly for duck rearing time to time. After 15 days of brooding the ducklings were allowed to graze freely in the house premises and by one month of age, he drove the birds to pond where they got huge feeding material like snails, molluscs etc. The ducks attained faster growth and by 142nd day of age the first egg was laid in the house. It was a happy day for his family. As advised, they sold all 14 male birds in local market @ 300-320/- each. The remaining 13 female ducks used to lay 8-10eggs daily for a period of 8 months (as recorded for one year). Mrs Bagh offered all the kitchen wastes, left over rice etc to the laying ducks daily and liquid calcium preparations were supplied from project source for few times. They kept earthen pots inside the duck house for smooth laying and getting clean eggs which were sold in the local market at 5/- each. We found that Naik family could able to earn Rs 11,000/- (approx) from sale of eggs besides sufficient consumption of eggs in their home. So, at last Mr Naik calculated all the earnings from the flock in one year which was about Rs 16,000/-. Now Sri Naik is continuously rearing a good flock of duck and earning a sizable income which aids significantly to the livelihood of the family in a sustainable manner.

Success story: (3)

Establishment of new poultry farm

          In order to improve socio-economic status of rural people through poultry farming, Technology Transfer(TT) Section of CARI has initiated extension work and adopted a village Panchayat-Navdia Harikishan of the Bitheri chainpur Development Block, Distt. Bareilly. Farmers of the village Navdia Harikishan were motivated through a series of meetings between TT Section staff of the Institute, village pradhan and farmers. Thereafter, a group of motivated farmers was taken to CARI with a view to give them exposure of poultry farming by conducting farm visit at the institute. Few farmers of the same village were trained in poultry production. Consequently, a farmer-Mr. Rupesh Kumar decided to start venture in poultry farming and established a small poultry farm in the village under the guidance of the scientist of the section. He built  a  low-cost  thatched house  using locally available material for rearing 1000 broilers under the guidance of scientists. To begin with, the institute provided him 282 day old chicks of Dhanraja broiler. Mr. Rupesh Kumar has incurred all the expenditure. He reared these chicks up to 7 weeks having an average 2.33kg body weight per broiler. He sold mature birds @ Rs. 67/- per kg and earned net profit Rs. 5000/- in 7th week. This was first monetary gain from poultry farming which encouraged him to raise the flock size of his farm. Now, he is a successful small  poultry owner and gained additional employment from poultry farming. He has also provided full time employment to one person at his poultry farm.   

Success story: (4)

      Mr. Shakeel Ahmed R/o Firozpur Meo, Teh. Punhana, Distt. Mewat, Haryana came into contact with CARI, Izatnagar two years back and showed his inclination towards turkey farming. Although, he was already rearing quails with the help of CARI germ plasm. He gathered complete package of practices for turkey farming from CARI, Izatnagar in the year 2009 and started turkey farming with 500 turkey poults. Every year, he raises two lots of 500 turkey poults. He has adopted  turkey farming technologies developed by CARI and raising birds successfully and earning Rs. 1.5 lakhs annually by sale of live turkey. Presently, he is meeting local demand of turkey, thereby improving his family socio-economic status. In future, he is planning to expand his turkey farm in big way.

Success story: (5)

       Md. Shafi Siddique R/o Kamal Nayanpur, Shahjahanpur (U.P.) started poultry farming venture at very small scale with 1000 birds investing Rs. 50,000/- in 1995 under the guidance of CARI Scientists, presently, he has poultry farm of 5000 birds. He is earning good profit Rs. 3.5 to 4.00 lakh out of  this venture. He has been awarded with best progressive poultry farmer award by the institute for adopting innovative poultry farming practices at his farm.

Success story: (6)

      Puneet Sinha (Age:  35 years, Ed. Qualification: VIII pass), Village: Nussera, Distt: Badaun - A successful broiler farmer. He is running a broiler farm successfully with 1500 birds per cycle of 45 days. He is also compounding feed as per feed formulae being provided to him by CARI scientists. Arrangements have also been made for making homemade feed at reasonable price. The other technical support on prevention and treatment of poultry diseases and general management are being provided. Now he is earning Rs. 8000 to 10000 per month now. He is interested to increase the size of the farm.

Success story: (7)

      Shri Sanjeev Sarkar (Age:  32 years, Ed. Qualification: B.Com, Village: Chanduiya, Puranpur,  Distt: Pilibhit (UP) - A successful broiler farmer. Starting with 100 CARIBRO Dhanraja broilers in 1995 after receiving Poultry Farming training from CARI with limited capital and land, has presently been the owner of 15000 broilers per cycle. He is always in touch with CARI for CARI germ plasms and technical support. Besides commercial broiler farming, now he has the working capital to have agency of commercial feeds and poultry medicines. Now his annual income is about Rs. 3.5 lakhs.

Success story: (8)

      Shri Anirudh Tewari (Age:  63 years, Ed. Qualification: B.A., LLB, Village: Bhimpur, P.O. + Distt: Deoria (UP): After great failure with poultry farming of 250 broilers and frustration in his law profession, he re-started poultry farm in 2005 with 250 birds after receiving training at CARI. This time he remained in touch with CARI scientists for all technical support including feed formulation and health management. Now he is the owner of 2500 broilers per cycle of 45-50 days and a mini feed mill. After becoming a successful broiler farmer, he is now extending technical support to the local farmers and acting as bridge between the local farmers and the CARI scientists for such technical support. Now his annual income is about Rs. 3.0 lakhs.

Success story: (9)

      Shri Manoj Bhatt (Age 32 years) Village: Chandani, P.O. Banbasa, Distt: Champawat (UK) started a broiler farm with 3000 broilers with a mini feed mill of 5qtl capacity under supervision and consultancy of CARI scientist two years back for self-employment. Now he has expanded his farm with a lot size to 12000-15000 broilers per cycle. Besides feed compounding of his own, he is also catering the needs of feed of the local farmers. Now his annual income is about Rs. 7.0 lakhs per year from these operations.

Success story: (10)

      Shri Nem Singh (Vill.-Deochora, Distt:-Bareilly, Age: 35 years, Educational qualification: IX pass):  A successful broiler farmer. He started a broiler farm with 500 broilers in 2002 under technical guidance of the scientist of the institute. He had about one acre of land with family size of 16 members. Successively he took training in 2004 at this Institute and now he has developed infrastructure of 8000 broilers but rearing about 5000 broilers per cycle of 45 days. He is compounding feed at his own farm. A mini feed mill (3 quintal capacity) has also been set up for feed processing. Now he is owner of pond of about 8 acre area for fish production. Presently his annual income has been 12 lakhs out of which Rs. 6 lakhs from poultry rearing. He has given employment to five persons. He is also helping 12 marginal farmer families of his village in broiler rearing by supplying chicks, mixed feed, management trips and medication. Many big farmers have also been motivated from his success. His vision has been to increase the farm size to 50,000 broilers and to establish a commercial feed plant by coming 10 years.

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