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List of Major Equipments
  1. Amino Acid Analyzer (Make INGOS, Model AAA400) along with on-line UPS
  2. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer  with accessories
  3. HPLC (LC-10AVP) along with accessories
  4. Auto Bomb Calorimeter (Make-CAB101-AOIC)
  5. Blood Chemical Analyzer
  6. Elisa Micro plate Reader
  7. Gas Chromatograph
  8. Nitrogen Analyzer
  9. Motic Trinocular Florescence Microscope
  10. NIR System
  11. Phospho Imager
  12. Real Time PCR with Accessories (Two)
  13. Rendering Unit
  14. Semi-automatic Poultry Processing Unit
  15. Soxtec Unit
  16. Ultra Centrifuge
  17. Vacuum Packaging Machine
  18. Sausage Filling Machine
  19. Vacuum Meat Tumbler
  20. Texture Analyser
  21. Bowl Chopper


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