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The Right to Information Act (RTI)

3.5   Whether information manual/ handbook available free of cost or not [Section 4(1)(b)]

3.5.1 List of materials available Free of cost
  1. Introduction to Poultry Breeding
  2. Rodent Control in Poultry Farms
  3. Microbiological and Fermentation Techniques for Enhancing the Nutritive Value of Feedstuffs for Poultry
  4. Feeding Value of Single Cell Protien for Poultry
  5. Glorious Achievements of CARI
  6. हैचरी प्रबंधन
  7. बटेर पालन एक उत्‍तम व्‍यवसाय
  8. ABI Folders
  9. Downloads/ Publications
3.5.2 List of materials available At a reasonable cost of the medium
  1. Lecture Notes on Incubation and Hatching
  2. Management of Commercial Layers
  3. An Abridged Insight into Poultry Research in India
  4. Poultry science Education and Human Resource planning for Poultry Sector.

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