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The Right to Information Act (RTI)

1.7   Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies constituted as part of the public Authority [Section 4(1)(b)(viii)]

1.7.1 Name of Boards, Council, Committee etc.
  1. Quinquennial Review Team –QRT (External, appointed by ICAR)
  2. Research Advisory Committee - RAC (External, appointed by ICAR)
  3. Institute Management Committee-IMC (External, appointed by ICAR)
  4. Institute Research Council – IRC (Internal)
  5. Board of Studies – BoS (Internal)
1.7.2 Composition QRT
QRT is constituted for every five years by ICAR to review the activities of the Academy.
Present QRT

The RAC is constituted by the ICAR as per ICAR by-laws. RAC has two persons representing agricultural/ rural interests on the Institute Management Committee in terms of Rule 66(a)(5) for the period of their membership of the Management Committee, who take active part in the deliberations and decisions of these Committees.
Present RAC

Director is the chairman of the committee and Administrative Officer is its member secretary. The members of the committee include experts and 2 farmers’ representatives. The committee is constituted by the ICAR.
Present IMC

Director is the chairman of IRC and all scientific staff members are members and one senior level scientist is designated as Member Secretary who is responsible for conducting the meeting of IRC. The institute conducts at least two meetings of the IRC every year, one at the respective divisional /sectional level and the other one at the Institute level. The new research project proposals are examined and discussed among the scientists at length before formal approval. Also the achievements of the on-going research projects are discussed and mid-course corrections, if any are suggested.

Director is the chairman of BoS and selected scientists are its members and Officer In-charge, Post Graduate Education and Training (PGE&T) Section is its member secretary.
Present BoS
1.7.3 Dates from which constituted
  • QRT – (05.11.2019)
  • RAC – (04.02.2019)
  • IMC – Pending on ICAR Level
  • IRC – There is no formal constitution of IRC. All the scientists working in the Institute are its members.
  • BoS – is perpetual in nature and members are changed as per the requirement. Latest committee was constituted on (27.05.2020)
1.7.4 Term / Tenure
  • QRT – is constituted every 5 years to review the work carried out during the preceding 5 years. The QRT submit their report usually within 6 months of the constitution. The whole review process is completed within 11 months of the constitution of QRT.
  • RAC – is constituted for a term of 3 years from the date constitution.
  • IMC – is constituted for a term of 3 years from the date constitution.
  • IRC/BoS – are perpetual in nature.
1.7.5 Powers and functions QRT
The term of reference for the QRT of the Institute.

The powers and functions of the Research Advisory Committee are as follows:
  1. To suggest research programmes based on national and global context of research in the thrust areas.
  2. To review the research achievements of the Institute and to see that these are consistent with the mandate of the Institute, and
  3. Any other function that may be specifically assigned by the Director-General, ICAR.

The powers and functions of the Management Committee are as follows :-
  1. Periodical review of progress of development schemes.
  2. Consideration of items of expenditure which are beyond the powers of the Director of the Institute.
  3. Consideration of proposals for the annual budget.
  4. Policy issues relating to the Institute, including the rights and obligations of staff.
  5. any other items, as may be desired by the Director or other members of the Committee or as may be required to be considered as per delegation of powers or as per directions of the Governing Body whether contained in any manual, orders issued, resolution passed, or other instructions approved by the Governing Body, and such powers as may be delegated by the Governing Body to enable the Management Committee to administer the funds allocated and the programmes approved.
  6. Consideration of action taken on the recommendations of the Grievance Cell and Institute Joint Council.

Institute Research Council –
It was earlier called as Staff Research Council (SRC). All the scientists are its members. The powers and functions of the Institute Research Council are as follows :
  1. Consideration and evaluation of the research project proposals. The principal investigator makes representation of the research project to the IRC. The IRC reject/recommend the research project along with its duration.
  2. Consideration and evaluation of the on-going research projects’ progress reports, after these have been assessed by an expert. The IRC makes specific recommendations about the achievements and short-comings of the projects.
  3. Advise on the fostering of linkages between the groups/divisions/institutes in respect of multi-disciplinary projects/multi-locational projects
  4. Monitor the follow up action on the recommendations of QRTs with respect to technical programmes of the Institute.

The Board of Studies is responsible for overseeing the curriculum design, implementation and evaluation of the post graduate diploma programmes and any other job assigned by director. The BoS also looks into allocation of students to the faculty members for conducting students’ research.
1.7.6 Whether their meetings are open to the public? No
1.7.7 Whether the minutes of the meetings are open to the public? No
1.7.8 Place where the minutes if open to the public are available? NA

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