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1.4   Norms for discharge of functions [Section 4(1)(b)(iv)]

1.4.1 Nature of functions/ services offered Capacity Building Programmes

The Institute conducts short term as well as specialized training programme for poultry farmers/entrepreneurs, feed manufacturers, breeders and hatchery operators etc. as per the requirements. The Institute also offers 1 years National Diploma in Poultry Husbandry (NDPH).

Education Programme

Besides, as part of the faculty of Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, the Institute also offers PG courses in Poultry Science.

Research, Consultancy and Contract Research

The Institute is engaged in research on contemporary issues in the field of Poultry Science and allied mandated areas. Government agencies such as Department of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology, NITI Ayog, State Governments provide funds for some of the studies either through competitive grants or through consultancy. The Institute also offers facilities to conduct demand driven research in the form of contract research projects on payment basis. Many private companies/commercial houses approach the institute to conduct trails on different commercial products to test their efficacy of purpose.

Transfer of Technology

The technologies developed by the Institute are offered to private as well as Government agencies for their commercial exploitation on payment of prescribed license fee and signing of formal Memorandum of Agreement.

Supply of Poultry Germplasm

The improved and pure line germplasm of Japanese quails, turkey, Guinea fowls, native fowls apart from broilers and layer chickens are provided to the clients on payment basis at the prescribed rates on demand subject to availability.

Entrepreneurship Development

The Institute has established an Agribusiness Incubation Centre to help and support budding entrepreneurs coming up with innovative ideas in the field of poultry production and allied areas. The specific objective of the ABI Centre are as follows:
1. To establish/transform agri-business Incubator centres as leaders in NARS that would provide technology and skill up gradation, inputs supply and market support leading to promotion of viable enterprises and sustainable employment to entrepreneurs;
2. To undertake last mile scale-up from pilot level of value chain in collaboration with stakeholders;
3. To explore and support appropriate technologies including grassroots’ innovations that are vital in future for an accelerated growth and competitive technological leadership;
4. To impart training and capacity building to prospective entrepreneurs; generate value added manpower to compete effectively; and
5. To provide seed money support to potential incubates/entrepreneurs taking up promising innovations or technologies.

Advisory Services

The Institute also provides advisory services to the clients in both online as well as offline modes. The Institute scientists can be contacted either telephonically or through electronic /social media platform for immediate resolution to the problems faced by them.

1.4.2 Norms/ standards for functions/ service delivery Service Standards – Citizen’s Charter.
For the service delivery, Institute follows ISO:9001-2008 norms.
1.4.3 Process by which these services can be accessed Capacity Building Programmes: Details are available on the Institute website at https://cari.icar.gov.in/trainings.php Educational Programme: Open call is made through Newspaper/Website/ Social Media etc. for educational programmes for admissions to Institute’s Educational Programme. The entry to the PG degree programmes offered the Institute in the field of Poultry Science is through the competitive examination conducted by IVRI, Izatnagar at the national level. Details are available at http://ivri.nic.in/academics/admissionprocedure.aspx Research, Consultancy and Contract Research: These services can be accessed by sending a request letter to the Director specifically mentioning the requirements. For consultancy/contract research projects, the concerned scientist(s) provide cost estimation. The services can be availed on payment basis. Transfer of Technology: The details of various technologies available for commercialization are provided on the Institute website at https://cari.icar.gov.in/technologies.php The license for required technologies can be provided on payment of prescribed license fee. A request letter addressed to the Director needs to be sent for the purpose. Supply of Poultry Germplasm: The germplasm available at the institute is provided on the Institute website at https://cari.icar.gov.in/germplasm.php . A request letter with all the details of the germplasm sought from the Institute may be sent to the Director. Entrepreneurship Development: The details of entrepreneurship development programme available on the Institute website at https://cari.icar.gov.in/cari-abi.php Advisory Services: The Institute scientists can be contacted either telephonically or through electronic /social media platform for immediate resolution to the problems faced by them.
1.4.4 Time-limit for achieving the targets As per the time limit set for individual activity(Service Standards)
1.4.5 Process of redress of grievances
  • The mass grievances are discussed in the Institute Joint Staff Council meeting. 04 meetings in a calendar year are arranged to discuss general issues.
  • Individual grievances are dealt with case to case basis. Such cases are placed before the duly constituted Institute Grievance Committee for consideration and recommendations.
  • Public grievances are addressed to the Director/Head of Office and are placed before the Public Grievance Committee for resolution.

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