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The Right to Information Act (RTI)

1.3   Procedure followed in decision making process [Section 4(1)(b)(iii)]

1.3.1 Process of decision making identify key decision making points Process and channel for decision making flow chart.


Director as per the recommendations of SAO/AO/AAO takes decisions to sanction/approve as per the rules and delegations of power. The concurrence for expenditure involved is given by the SF&AO/AFAO. Various committees constituted by Director in consultations with Senior Officers assist in decision making related to various issues. Other routine decisions relating to leaves, advances of junior employees, disciplinary proceedings, day-to-day issues are dealt with in consultation with administrative staff and other senior officers of the Institute, as per the delegation of powers based on appropriate rules. The cases which require greater insight/clarification are referred to the ICAR HQ for final decision/directions.
1.3.2 Final decision making authority Director as per powers delegated by the Council OR DG, ICAR for some of the specified matters.
1.3.3 Related provision, acts, rules etc. As per Delegation of Powers in ICAR, Rules and Bylaws of ICAR Society (pdf).  (Also see Section 1.5)
1.3.4 Time limit for taking a decision, if any As per GoI/ICAR rules, Service standards as per Citizens’ Charter
1.3.5 Channel of supervision and accountability Respective Divisional Heads/ServiceUnits In-charges/Head of Office/Director as per Organogram.

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