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The Right to Information Act (RTI)

1.2   Power and duties of its Officers and employees [Section 4(1)(b)(ii)]

1.2.1 Powers and duties of officers (Administrative, Financial and Judicial) 1. Director:
The Director is Head of Department for the Institute. S/He exercises all the powers which are applicable to HOD as per ICAR/GOI instructions. Further additional powers have been delegated to the Director for day to day running of the Institute as per delegation of powers by ICAR HQ. Overall administrative, financial, executive disciplinary and appointing powers rest with the Director as per the delegations of powers by ICAR.

2. Senior Administrative Officer / Administrative Officer/AAO:
They advise the Head of the Office on all matters of policy and administration. Scrutinize proposals related to Establishment, Administration, Material Management, Infrastructure and Training etc. They also coordinate activities of various units of the office. They also recommend cases for taking disciplinary action against the staff as per instructions issued by Govt. of India. Implement policies of the Govt.

SFAO is custodian of finances, budget and audit functions of the internal finance. No financial powers are delegated to SFAO. S/He monitors the progress of expenditure and prepares, Budget Estimate & Revised Estimate for ongoing financial year.
1.2.2 Power and duties of other employees
1.2.3 Rules/orders under which powers and duty are derived As per the ICAR – Guidelines Rules and Bylaws of ICAR Society
1.2.4 Exercised As per the ICAR Guidelines as contained in Establishment and Administrative Manual ICAR and Schedule-III Delegation of Powers to Directors of Institutes.
1.2.5 Work allocation As per Organogram, 1.2.1 and 1.2.2. above

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