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Dr. Sunil Chandra Giri
Senior Scientist
Regional Centre, Central Avian Research Institute,Bhubaneswar, 751003, India
Phone: +91-674-2386251/2386870
FAX: +91-674-2386750
Email: scgiri12@rediffmail.com sgiri12@sifymail.com                          









OUAT, Bhubneswar


Post Graduate


OUAT, Bhubneswar




West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, Kolkata


Awards / Distinctions

  • Best Poster award in the discipline of “Low cost housing and welfare (PHM-1) in In XXI Conference of IPSACON-2003 held at CARI, Izatnagar between 27-28th March 2003.
  • Certificate of Merit and First prize for oral presentation in session III of National symposium and XXIV Annual Convention of Indian Society for Veterinary Medicine held at Department of Medicine, Veterinary College, KVAFSU, Bangalore from 22 – 24 th February, 2006.

Area of Research
Dr. Giri's area of research covers various aspects of Avian Reproduction specifically in the field of Seminology. Besides developing models on backyard poultry and duck farming on gender specific and working on integrated farming is other dimensions of my research activity.
Teaching & Research
List of Projects completed:

  • To develop viable technologies and to promote backyard poultry in rural areas.
  • NATP on management of costal agro-eco system affected by super cyclone in Orissa.
  • Evaluation of Native, Exotic ducks and their crossbred
  • Utilization Of cassava (Manihot esculent crantz) as energy feed in poultry.
  • Identification of available feed resources and their effective utilization in backyard system for optimum
  • Production performances of indigenous Khasi Local pigs and their improvement through cross breeding programme.
  • Rabbit production for meat purpose in North Eastern Hill Region.
  • Farming System Research Project.
  • Forage based dairy production in NEH region.
  • To study the incidence and etiology of anoestrous in dairy cattle of NEH region.
  • Augmentation of fertility and hatchability through incorporation of certain additives to poultry semen with special reference to broiler variety. (Ph.D. work)


On Going Projects:

  • Investigation into the Reproductive Physiology and semen characteristics of                                                            

ducks to augment fertility and hatchability.

  • Nutrient requirements of ducks.                                  
  • Backyard poultry and duck production as a tool to sustainable livelihood for rural women of Khurda district of Orissa. (DST)
  • “Sustainable livelihood improvement through integrated freshwater aquaculture, horticulture and livestock development in Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar and Sambalpur districts of Orissa” (NAIP: Component-3)

Trainings/Short courses:
I have attended several short course and training programme related to my field of work. Besides I have also acted as resources person in many farmers’ training programme.
I have organized one workshop on “Backyard poultry and Duck production” at Regional Centre, CARI, Bhubaneswar in which progressive farmers, technocrats, scientists, officers of line department and business groups joined who are directly and indirectly involved with the rural poultry poultry production system.

Professional Affiliations

1. Life member, Indian Poultry Science Association, Izatnagar
2. The Indian Society for Study of Animal reproduction
3. Indian Society of Animal Production & Management.
4. World Poulry Science Association
5. Orissa Veterinary Council, Bhubaneswar, India
6. ARS Scientists Forum, New Delhi, India
7. Scientific Referee: Indian Indian Journal of Animal Sciences; 

        • Research Articles:
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  • S.C.Giri, D.N.mohanty and J.C.Jena. 2006.Reproductive Diseases of Animals – A Threat to Veterinary Public Health. Compendium of 7th All India Conference of Association of Public Health Veterinarians (APHV) and National Symposium on “Perspective Role of Veterinary Public Health in Integrated Rural Development” between 07 – 08, December – 06 held at Bhubaneswar. (A Lead Paper presented).
  • S. C.Giri, M.K.Padhi, S.K.Sahoo and B.K.Panda. 2005. Performance of Moti ducks (Muscovy type) in intensive system of management. Indian J. Anim. Prod. Mgmt. 21(1-4), 48-50 (Published in Jan. 2007)
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performances of Black Bengal and Ganjam goats. Livestock International.13(1):8– 11.
(xxvii)J. Biswas, S. K. Ray, S. C. Giri and J. Mitra (2008). Clinical Efficacy of injectable Herbal heat Inducer in Anoestrous Murrah Buffaloes. The Indian J. of     Animal Reproduction. 29(2): 202 – 205.
(xxviii)S.C.Giri, S.K.Ray, P.K.Mishra, N.Panda and P.C.Behera (2010) efficacy of coconut water as poultry semen extender. Indian vet. J., 87:460-462.
B) Books/ Technical Bulletins: i) Book Chapter :
1. “Breed Improvement Through Artificial Insemination” by S.C.Giri , Published in the book “Integrated Watershed Management for Sustainable Development” Published by – ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam, Meghalaya.
2. Animal Production: An overview. By A. Das, S. Rehman, k. M. Bujerbaruah, S. k. Das, S. C. Giri and G, Kadirvel. Published in the book “ Steps towards Modernisation of agriculture in NEH Region” Published by - ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam, Meghalaya.
Bulletins :

  • “Goat Production in Hills” By B.P.S.Yadav and S.C.Giri   
  • “A Success Story on Management of Coastal Agro Ecosystem Affected by super Cyclone in   Orissa” Editors : S.C.Giri and S.K.Sahoo, Regional Center, CARI, Bhubaneswar.
  • “Aka Safala Prayog, Mahabatya Bipadakalare arthika Sahayaka Dia “CARI-Devendra”   (inOriya) Editors: S.C.Giri and S.K.Sahoo, Regional Center, CARI, Bhubaneswar.
    • “Bataka Palanara Niyamabali” (in Oriya) compiled and edited by ;

Dr B.K.Panda, Dr S.K.Sahoo, Dr S.C.Giri and Dr M.K.Padhi

    • Duck Rearing in village ponds by S.C.Giri and S.K.sahoo
    • Tips for Backyard Poultry farming (Success of CARI-Devendra):

By S. C. Giri, S.K.Sahoo, A.K.Nanda, S. Karna

  • Gaon Pokharire Bataka Palana:  (Oriya)
    • By S. C. Giri, S.K.Sahoo, A.K.Nanda, S. Karna
  • Leaflet: “Muktangana kukkuta palana sambandhare ketoti janiba katha”. (Oriya)

Popular Articles:

    • “Problems and Prospects of Dairy Farming in North Eastern Hill Region of India”. S. C.Giri and B.P.S.Yadav. (2001)The Dairyman.
    • “Metritis in Cattle” S.K.Ray and S.C.Giri (2006) QSN , Ever alive towards Customer awareness.  (Alembic) 3(3) 3-4.
    • Bataka Palana” In Daily SAMAJA Dt 23.02.11 Page 14) by Dr S. C. Giri

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