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Dr. M. Sirajudeen
Central Avian Research Institute Izatnagar-243122
Bareilly (U.P), India
Phone: +91-581-2300642 (Office); +91-581-2301321(fax)
+91-97198463136 (mobile);
Email: drmsirajudeen@sify.com

B.V.Sc. , T.A.N.U.V.A.S, 1995
M.V.Sc., I.V.R.I, 1997.
Awards & Recognition
1996- 97 IVRI JRF, IVRI, Izatnagar
Current research areas include reproductive, embryonic and stress physiology
Important Research publications

    • Sirajudeen, M.,Gopi, K., Tyagi, J.S., Moudgal, R.P., Mohan, J. and Singh, R. 2009. Protective effects of melatonin in reduction of oxidative damage and immuno-suppression induced by aflatoxin β1- contaminated diets in young chicks. Environmental Toxicology.DOI:10.1002/ tox.20539.
    • Sirajudeen M., Moudgal R.P., and Tyagi J.S. 2007. Nature of dietary fat influences osmo-tolerance and fertilizing ability of fowl spermatozoa. Ind. J. Poult. Sci. 42:264-267.
    • Moudgal R.P., Sastry, K.V.H., Mohan J., Tyagi J.S. and Sirajudeen M. 2007. Thyroid hormones and their ratio determine survival or death summer and short starvation stress in broiler hens. Ind.  J. Poult. Sci. 42:1-4.
    • Tyagi, J. S., Sastry, K. V. H., Mohan, J., Sirajudeen, M. 2002. Effect of sodium nitroprusside, a nitric oxide donor on in vivo uptake of nutrients in broiler chicken. Ind. J. Poult. Sci. 37:1-4.

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