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Dr. Jag Mohan
Principal Scientist
Central Avian Research Institute
Bareilly (U.P), India
Phone: +91-581-2300642 (Office); +91-581-2301321(fax)
+91- (mobile) 9319065484
0581- (Res.) 2301191
Email: mohanjagjag@rediffmail.com

Education: Ph. D.
RK Degree College, Shamli, Muzzaffernagar, UP, B. Sc., 1977
National Dairy Research Institute, Izatnagar 243122, India, M.Sc., 1982
Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, India, Ph.D., 1991
2009 - NAAS Fellow, Nat. Acad. of Agri. Sci., New Delhi
2008- ICAR Team Research Award, ICAR, New Delhi
2003 - Best Poster Award ,  Indian Poultry Science Association, Izatnagar
2003 - Ayurvet Research Award, Dabur/IPSA, Izatnagar
2002, Best Poster Award , Ind. Soc. of Vet. Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pantnagar
1996 - DBT Overseas Associateship, DBT, New Delhi
1992 - Young Scientist Award, Society of Animal Physiologists of India
Research Area
Reproductive Physiology/ Molecular Biology, Artificial Insemination in diversified poultry species, etc.
Important Research publications

    • Mohan, J., Sastry, K.V.H., Tyagi, J.S., Rao,G.S. and Singh R.V. (2006). Residues of fluoroquinolone drugs in cloacal gland and other tissues of Japanese quail. Brit. Poult. Sci. 47:83-87
    • Mohan, J., Sastry, K.V.H., Tyagi, J.S. and Singh, D.K. (2004). Isolation of E.Coli from foam and effects of fluroquinolones on E. coli and foam production in male Japanese quail. Theriogenology 62:1383-1390.
    • Mohan, J., Moudgal, R.P., Sastry, K.V.H., Singh, R.V. (2002). Effects of hemicastration and castration on foam production and its relationship with fertility in male Japanese quail. Theriogenology. 58:29-39.
    • Mohan, J., Moudgal, R.P., Panda, J.N. and Mohan, G. (1992). Effects of cold shock treatment on angiotensin converting enzyme activity and on semen characteristics in roosters and bulls. Theriogenology, 37 (5): 1147-1154.
    • Mohan, J., Moudgal, R.P. and Singh, N.B. (1990). Angiotensin converting enzyme activity in epididymis, vas deferens and spermatozoa of domestic cock (Gallus domesticus). Anim. Repod. Sci. 23: 349-354.

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