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Physiology & Reproduction

      The Division is focusing its research activities covering basic and applied aspects in four main thrust areas viz. Reproductive Physiology, Stress Physiology, Digestive Physiology and Molecular Physiology of diversified poultry species.

Research Activities & Achievements

Reproductive physiology:

  • Causes of internal laying at molecular and endocrinal levels in broilers revealed and protocols for minimization of their effects were developed.
  • A new selection parameter for improvement of egg number and size through the rate of maturation of ovarian follicles in the hen developed. 
  • Developed a simple method to determine daily yolk deposition rate in hens.
  • Developed a formulation for early maturation of oviduct in hen.
  • Developed a simple new method for the estimation of nitric oxide in biological materials, using copper-cadmium alloy.
  • Developed technique for fertility predication test is in male Japanese quail based on the size of cloacal gland and colour & volume of foam produced by the cloacal gland.
  • A new and simple diluent for chicken semen developed and patented for preservation of chicken semen for about 24 h at low temperature.

Stress physiology:

  • Elevation of stress resistance against one stressor (immobilization stress) helps the adaptation against another (summer stress).
  • Catecholamines in egg yolk are good indicators of stress.
  • Physiological mechanisms for functioning of stress hormones in chickens elucidated.

Digestive physiology:

  • Enzymes status and absorption capability of different parts of digestive tract through mucosal homogenates and role of calcium in nutrient absorption evaluated.
  • In situ technique for intestinal nutrient uptake under varied conditions explored.
Teaching Activity
Course Code
Title of the Course
Course Instructor
PSC – 521 General Avian Physiology
Jag Mohan/ Jagbir Singh
PSC – 522 General Avian Physiology
Jagbir Singh
PSC – 621 Physiology of Avian Reproduction
Jag Mohan
PSC – 622 Physiology of Avian Reproduction
Jagbir Singh
PSC – 623 Avian Stress and Environmental Physiology
Jag Mohan
PSC – 625 Avian Embryogenesis
Jagbir Singh
PSC – 626 Avian Embryogenesis
Jagbir Singh
PSC – 721 Advances in Avian Female Reproductive Physiology
Jag Mohan/ Jagbir Singh
Technology Developed
  • A process for the preparation of a new and simple diluent for chicken semen. Patent No. 191190 (2000).
  • Developed technique for fertility predication test is in male Japanese quail and new semen diluent for it.
  • Protocols for minimization of causes of internal laying in broiler hens.
  • Simple assay for determination of nitric oxide in biological samples.
  • Phyto-hormonal remedial approach for correcting broiler breeder hen reproductive anomalies.

Faculty Profile
S.No. Name Status
Principal Scientist & Head
2. Dr. M. Sirajudeen Scientist


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