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Patents obtained

  1. Method of Preparing Mustard Oil Based Chicken Gizzard Pickle (Patent No.180509).
  2. Method of Preparing Vinegar Based Chicken Gizzard Pickle (Patent No. 183900).
  3. A Process of Preparing Mixed Chicken Loaf (Patent No. 184430).
  4. Method of Preparing Cooked Chicken Stock (Patent No. 185748).
  5. Method of Preparing Cooked Chicken Roll (Patent No. 188420).
  6. A process for the preparation of new and simple diluent for chicken semen (Patent No.  191190)

Patents applied for

  1. “Nucleic acid amplification –Allele differentiating restriction pattern (NA-ADRP) – a novel method for determining the MHC genotype of chickens” by Dr. A. Ahmed and Dr. V.K. Saxena.  Patent application no. 346/DEL/2009


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