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Patents Obtained

  1. Method of Preparing Mustard Oil Based Chicken Gizzard Pickle (Patent No.180509).
  2. Method of Preparing Vinegar Based Chicken Gizzard Pickle (Patent No. 183900).
  3. A Process of Preparing Mixed Chicken Loaf (Patent No. 184430).
  4. Method of Preparing Cooked Chicken Stock (Patent No. 185748).
  5. Method of Preparing Cooked Chicken Roll (Patent No. 188420).
  6. A process for the preparation of new and simple diluent for chicken semen (Patent No.  191190)

Patents Applied for

  1. CARI Protirich Biscuits (Patent Application No. 202211046457)
  2. CARI-Comfort (Patent Application No. 202311055661)
  3. CARIPHYTOBIOTIC EGG SPRAY (Patent Applicaiton No. 202311066448)
  4. CARI Egg Peda (Patent Applicaiton No. Not Received )

Registered Trademark

  1. CARIUTTAM (Japanese Quail) Certificate No.: 1147882
  2. CARIBRODHANRAJA (Improved Chicken Broiler) Certificate No.: 1170070
  3. CARIPRIYA (Layer Chicken) Certificate No.: 1170097
  4. CARISWETA (Japanese Quail) Certificate No.: 1170714

Trademark Applied for

  1. CARI Signature (Trademark Application No. 6083682-88)
  2. CARIVIRAT (Trademark Application No. 3290570)
  3. CARIDEBENDRA (Trademark Application No. 3290571)
  4. CARINIRBHEEK (Trademark Application No. 3290569)

Registered Design

  1. CARI Portable Poultry Incubator (Design Application No.: 366318-001)

Copyright Applied for

  1. कुक्कुट पालन प्रौद्योगिकियां - एक झलक (Copyright underprocess)
  2. कुक्कुट प्रसंस्करण प्रौद्योगिकियां - एक झलक (Copyright underprocess)
  3. बैकयार्ड कुक्कुट पालन (Copyright underprocess)
  4. Unlocking the Secrets of Commercial Poultry Farming, Processing and Marketing (Copyright underprocess)
  5. CARI Technologies & Services (Copyright underprocess)
  6. जापानी बटेर पालन से रु. 2500/- प्रति माह कैसे कमायें! (Copyright underprocess)

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