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Total Institute Projects – 26 Institute + 1 AICRP + 10 Externally + 4 Service (Total 41 Projects)

  • Active

    DOS: 01.4.2021 - DOC: 31.05.2024

    Establishing feed efficient turkey (Meleagaris gallopavo) line using metabolism related candidate gene polymorphism and gut microbiome information

  • Active

    DOS: 13.10.2019 - DOC: 12.10.2022

    Exploring herbs, essential oils, plant and plants natural compounds for development of natural growth promoter

  • Active

    DOS: 01.06.2019 - DOC: 30.05.2023

    Studies on certain dietary antioxidants and their interaction in poultry

  • Active

    DOS: June, 2019 - DOC: June, 2022

    Optimization the welfare of broiler chickens with special emphasises on transport.

  • Active

    DOS: 01.4.2019 - DOC: 31.03.2022

    Ameliorating mycotoxicosis in broiler chickens through dietary herbal supplementation

  • Active

    DOS: 17.05.2019 - DOC: 16.05.2024

    Genetic Improvement of Turkey for higher body weight

  • Active

    DOS: 01.04.2021 - DOC: 01.04.2024

    Applications of safe alternatives to antibiotics as prophylactic agents in diversified poultry species to reduce AMR burden of Escherichia coli

  • Active

    DOS: 01.07.2019 - DOC: 30.06.2022

    Elucidating physiological responses in indigenous and improved varieties of chicken under intensive and extensive rearing systems

  • Active

    DOS: July, 2018 - DOC: June, 2020

    Assessment of Impact of Training Programmes and Germplasm on Poultry Farmers

  • Active

    DOS: 01.06.2018 - DOC: 31.05.2021

    Socio-economic empowerment of tribal population in selected districts of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand through intervention of poultry technologies

  • Active

    DOS: 01.04.2021 - DOC: 31.03.2024

    Development of multi-strain postbiotics as an effective alternative to antibiotic growth promoter and in vivo evaluation in broiler chickens under biotic and abiotic stress conditions

  • Active

    DOS: 01.07.2019 - DOC: 01.07.2024

    Entrepreneurship Opportunities and Skill Development for Self-sustainable Livelihood and Nutritional Security for Socially Privileged Groups (Scheduled caste)”

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