Dr.   Raj Narayan

Principal Scientist
I/c Experimental Quail Farm
Central Avian Research Institute
zatnagar 243122, India
Phone: +91-581-2300204,2301220 Extn.- 3041,   FAX: +91-581-2301321
Email: rncari@gmail.com

To acquire professional edge through hard work and continuous learning. Seeking an interactive and challenging environment wherein I can apply my strengths, Knowledge and interpersonal communication skills efficiently and get an opportunity for personal growth and advancement so that I can excel and create a niche for myself in the field of technology



Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University

Agra (UP) (formerly Agra University, Agra)


M.Sc. Ag

G.B.Pant University of Agriculture & Technology

Pantnagar, India


B.Sc. Ag. (Hons)

Chatrapati Sahuji Maharaj University

Kanpur (formerly Kanpur University, Kanpur)



  • 2007-2008 Team Leader, ICAR Awards for Outstanding Interdisciplinary Team Research N.Delhi.
  • 1997-1998 ICAR Team, Research Award. ICAR, New Delhi.


  • Development of fast growing broiler quail line.
  • Development of high productive layer quail line.
  • Development of different feather colour quail varieties
  • Screening of emerging plumage colour alleles for their suitability and association with juvenile performance for finalizing their tagging into CARI brand quails.
  • Development of auto-sexing quail strains aided by plumage colour genes.
  • Genetic analyses of humoral and specific immunocompetence in three Japanese quail populations.
  • Evaluation of crossbreeding parameters for juvenile body weights of Japanese quail by using different diallel models.
  • Combined ability of important body conformation traits in broiler Japanese quail under tropical environment.
  • Development of specialized strains of meat and egg type quails in tropical climate.
  • Growth pattern of male Japanese quails under Indian conditions.

Teaching & Research Guidance

Dr. Raj Narayan instructs courses in avian genetics and breeding, Research techniques in Poultry Genetics & Breeding to the PG scholars of CARI and IVRI, Deemed University Izatnagar, India. He also serves as faculty member of poultry science since 1993. Chairman, Students Advisory Committee (major guide) in the major programs of poultry genetics and breeding. So far, he has provided research guidance to 08 PG scholars 03 Ph.D., 05 M.V.Sc. scholars) as major guide, 7 PG scholars as Co-guide and 10 scholars from various disciplines viz., Poultry Genetics & Breeding, Poultry Science, LPM and Animal Nutrition, as a Member in their advisory committees.

Professional Affiliations

  • Indian Poultry Science Association
  • Scientific Referee: Indian Journal of Poultry Science
  • Scientific Referee: Journal of Applied Animal Research


Research articles - 30; Books/ Chapters - 10; Review articles/ Keynote/ Invited/ Lead papers-15; Research Abstracts - 70; Technical Bulletins/ Popular articles – 20; Gene Bank Accession: 02; Radio talks 35; T.V. live shows/ recordings 12;