Dr.   Divya

Principal Scientist
Avian Nutrition & Feed Technology
Central Avian Research Institute
Izatnagar-243 122 (UP)
Phone: 0581-2300204, Extn. 3053, Fax. No.:0581-2301321
Email: dsdivyasharma714@gmail.com,

To acquire professional edge through hard work and continuous learning. Seeking an interactive and challenging environment wherein I can apply my strengths, Knowledge and interpersonal communication skills efficiently and get an opportunity for personal growth and advancement so that I can excel and create a niche for myself in the field of technology



(Organic chemistry)



M. Sc

(Organic Chemistry)



Awards & Recognitions

  • Appreciation certificate for best maintained division of SKUAST-J in 2006
  • Certificate of Appreciation for organization of world veterinary day on 29th April,2006


Research area: Lipid chemistry, Isolation and characterization of antioxidant from natural source, Gum &Resin chemistry and value addition of gums, Feed additive in poultry.


  • International training in the area of Bio-molecules in Arkansas University , USA from 30.3.2011 to 27.6.2011.
  • Harvesting, processing, value addition and quality assessment of natural resins and gums. 5-25 Nov, 2009 IINRG, Ranchi, India
  • Workshop cum training course on DNA vaccine from 21st to 30th October 2002 in division of Standardization

Five Best Publications

  • Divya, V.P. Singh, S.D. Singh. Polyunsaturated fatty acids. Its importance and oxidation in muscle foods; Indian Journals of Meat Science & technology, vol. 3(2), December, 1990
  • S. Chauhan, A. Rai, N. Rai, N. Dighe, B. Roy, P. K. Gupta, Divya. Cloning of synthetic VP2 gene of infectious bursal disease virus in a mammalian expression vector and its use as DNA vaccine in chicken. Current Science vol. 88 No. 7 April, 2005
  • Subodh Gupta, Divya and Vijay Pandey. Int. b-Defensins: antimicrobial peptides contribute to the immune defense against bovine mastitis. J. Cow Sciences.
  • Divya, Singh RP, Baboo B, Prasad KM. Evaluation of coloring efficacy of lac dye in comminuted meat product, Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2011, 48 (3)378-381.
  • Vijay pandey, Divya, Rajesh Katoch, S.R Upadhya & Neilesh Sharma Biochemical and enzymatic profile of cattel ,naturally infested with ticks Veterinary practicer.