Dr.   Sanjeev Kumar

Principal Scientist
I/c Molecular Genetics Laboratory
Central Avian Research Institute
zatnagar 243122, India
Phone: +91-581-2300204, Extn.-3043,   FAX: +91-581-2301321
Email: skgcari@yahoo.co.uk

To acquire professional edge through hard work and continuous learning. Seeking an interactive and challenging environment wherein I can apply my strengths, Knowledge and interpersonal communication skills efficiently and get an opportunity for personal growth and advancement so that I can excel and create a niche for myself in the field of technology



Indian Veterinary Research Institute

Izatnagar 243122



Indian Veterinary Research Institute

Izatnagar 243122


B.V.Sc. & A.H

Mathura Veterinary College

Mathura, UP, India



  • 2009: DBT Overseas Associateship Award 2007-08, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.
  • 2007: Best Teacher Award, 2003-04, Indian Veterinary Research Institute (Deemed University), Izatnagar
  • 2005: Dr. P.K. Pani Research Award, 2005”, Indian Poultry Science Association
  • 2003: Best Poster Awards, on ‘Layer Breeding’, Indian Poultry Science Association
  • 2003: Best Poster Awards, on ‘Broiler Breeding’, Indian Poultry Science Association
  • 2001: Best Poster Award, South Asian Regional Conference and Exhibition, Pune, India
  • 2001: Dr. P.K. Pani Research Award, 2001, Indian Poultry Science Association
  • 1993: Dr Eshwaran memorial Award 1993, The Indian Veterinary Association
  • 1984: Chancellor's Gold Medal, CSAUA&T, Kanpur, for securing top position in the university


Dr. Kumar's area of research is avian molecular genetics, immunogenetics and biotechnology, including the identification of molecular markers and genes controlling disease resistance, antibody kinetics, egg production, other biological traits; gene expression; and MHC genes.

Teaching & Research Guidance

Dr. Kumar instructs courses in molecular genetics, gene regulation and expression, genome analysis, Research techniques in Animal Genetics & Breeding to the PG scholars at IVRI, Izatnagar, India. He also serves as Chairman, Students Advisory Committee (major guide) in the major programs of animal genetics and breeding. So far, he has provided research guidance to 13 PG scholars (7 Ph.D., 6 M.V.Sc. scholars) as major guide, 6 PG scholars (4 Ph.D., 2 M.V.Sc. scholars) as Co-guide and 25 scholars from various disciplines viz., Animal Genetics & Breeding, Poultry Science, Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, as a Member in their advisory committees.

Professional Affiliations

  • Indian Poultry Science Association
  • Indian Society of Animal Genetics & Breeding
  • The Indian Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Research
  • Veterinary Council of India, New Delhi, India
  • UP Veterinary Council, Lucknow, India
  • ARS Scientists Forum, New Delhi, India
  • Scientific Referee: Indian Journal of Poultry Science
  • Scientific Referee: Indian Journal of Animal Sciences
  • Scientific Referee: Journal of Applied Animal Research


Research articles - 90; Books/ Chapters - 22; Review articles/ Keynote/ Invited/ Lead papers-22; Research Abstracts - 143 (International Conf.: 44 and National Conf.: 99); Technical Bulletins/ Popular articles – 28; Gene Bank Accession: 03

Top Five Publications

  • Alyethodi R.R. and Kumar S. 2010. Genetic Characterization of Moti Indian native duck using microsatellite markers. Journal of Applied Animal Research 38 (1): 223-227
  • Gupta T., Kumar S., Prasad Y. and Kataria M.C. 2010. Genetic distance between divergent white Leghorn chicken lines after three generations of selection for humoral response to sheep erythrocytes. Journal of Applied Animal Research 38:265-269
  • Kumar Sanjeev, Ciraci, C., Redmond, S.B., Chuammitri, P., Andreasen, C.B., Palic`, D. and Lamont, S.J. 2011. Immune response gene expression in spleens of diverse chicken lines fed dietary immunomodulators. Poultry Science 90: 1009-1013.
  • Singh N S, Kumar S, Majumdar S, Sivaraman G K and Shivakumar B M. 2004. Studies on immunocompetence status in two turkey varieties in India. British Poultry Science 45 (5): 619-623
  • Sivaraman, G.K., Kumar S., Saxena V.K., Singh N.S. and Shivakumar, B.M. (2005) Genetics of immunocompetent traits in broiler chicken, British Poultry Science 46 (2): 169-174