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Avian Medicine Section

The avian medicine section has been entrusted with the task of providing health coverage to all the elite flocks of poultry which involves regular monitoring and surveillance of diseases, diagnosis based on post-mortem findings and detection of pathogens, apart from providing preventive and therapeutic treatment and vaccination. In addition, the section imparts training  and  education to post-graduate students  in the area of avian health management.  Besides, biosecurity measures are also taken including evaluation of the efficacy of different antimicrobials for prevention of poultry diseases. Consultancy service is also provided for management of poultry health to poultry farmers through radio and TV talks and Kisan Call centres.

Research Activities & Achievements

  • Occurrence of disease pattern: Disease pattern in the experimental flock of the diversified poultry species maintained at this institute is regularly assessed.
  • Development of standard health programme: To combat the disease problems causing mortality in diversified poultry species, heath programme in respect of prophylactic, curative treatment, deworming schedule, disinfection of drinking water and shed have been developed and this has resulted in increased survivability and productivity of different poultry species maintained at this institute.
  • Standardization of vaccine schedule: Vaccination schedule suitable for different poultry species (layer, broiler, guinea fowl, quail and turkey) have been developed which has been found very effective in prevention of diseases like Ranikhet disease, Marek’s disease, fowl pox, IBD and EDS-76  in this agro-climatic zone.
  • Development of cheap and organic water sanitizer: Acidified sodium chlorite, being an organic and cheaper water sanitizer has been developed and can be used at 1.75 ppm level in drinking water with storage stability up to 6 hours at ambient temperature.
  • Immunity boosting using herbal products: Use of herbal products like Guduchi  (Tinospora cordifolia) has been found to enhance cell mediated immunity in broiler chicks with beneficial effect on growth.
  • Zoonotic pathogens such as Salmonella typhimurium in poultry productions have been successfully controlled leading to production of quality poultry products.
  • Prevention of leg problem in Guinea. fowl: Leg problem affecting 30% of G. fowl population in the past has been controlled successfully which resulted in better production and survivability in these birds.
  • Prevention of turkey pox : With the adoption of turkey pox vaccine, morbidity in turkey birds has been greatly controlled resulting in higher farm returns.

Services Offered

Consultancy to poultry farmers:
Consultancy  service is provided to poultry farmers on poultry health management aspects such as biosecurity measures,  hygienic rearing of newly hatched chicks, prevention of diseases, methods of  vaccination with special importance on how to store, prepare and use vaccines in birds, use of organic products for preventing early chick mortality, use of certain immunity boosting measures and medicines, precautions while using antibiotics, methods of disinfection of poultry houses, feeders and waterers and hygienic methods of disposal of dead birds, etc

Faculty Profile

S.No. Name Status
1. Dr. A.S. Yadav Head & Principal Scientist

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